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IMBIBING Series oil absorbent Spill Kit

IMBIBING Series PILL KITS offers an effective and immediate response to a broad variety of spills, from common fluids and oil to chemicals even hazardous liquids that can be detrimentally damaging to the environment. Having spill kit on site is highly beneficial in the event of a spill and they allow the user to efficiently and successfully clean up spills.

IMBIBING Series oil absorbent Spill Kit contains a variety of items depending on the spill kits. It is an essential product for use around working, factories, ships, workshops and warehouses. Whether it is a spill of 1 liter of oil or a 2000 liters of acid, Ntnice manufacture the right spill response solution for you.

Our range of spill response kits is suitable for almost all types of liquids including oils, fuels, solvents, acids caustics. Each category of spill response kit is available in a range of sizes to ensure you get the spill kit that is right for your
IMBIBING Series oil absorbent Spill Kit
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