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Long Pulse jet filter Cartridge (Pulsate Series)

Pulsate seriesPulse-Jet pleated bag filters are designed one of the most advanced innovations in dust collector technology, increase baghouse efficiencies lower energy costs. With alternative to filter media and without cages, the filters feature top and bottom load designs, and offer increased filter life, efficiencies and filtration area. A variety of engineered pleat geometries and construction styles are available.
Long Pulse jet filter Cartridge (Pulsate Series)
Long Pulse jet filter Cartridge (Pulsate Series)

Performance (Polyester)

Narrow pleat width
Easy to self –clean
High filtration Efficiency
3time more filtration collate to filter bag
Top open, bottom close type
PU, Galvanized, stainless, metal configuration
Various ways of flange installation

Selection of Filter media

Polyester + Flame retardant
Polyester +Oil, water resistant
Polyester + Antistatic
Polyester + PTFE membrane
K Filter