K Filter KH Series All types of filter housing

K filter robust modular filter housing with widest single source expertise in the area of fresh Air Filter system offer tailor made technologies as per the customer specified requirement. There are numerous advantages in using FAFS as it cleans the air by settling condemnation with moisture or by using different filters like Micron, Carbon, Hepa etc. and also rotates fresh air from outside into the specified cooled area. It reduces the operational cost as it consumes as much lesser electricity than Air Conditioners.
KH Series All types of filter housing

Product Features

Robust, Industrial version.
Available in a range of materials.
Suitable for all filters in kfilter's filter product range.
Air tight housing and filter mounting ensures that the filter classification is met.
Connection can be fully customized.
Service door with strong lock and hinges.
Connections for differential pressure measurement is standard.
K Filter