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Design and Manufacture filtration product @ Qatar Heavy duty & light duty, Washable & Reusable filter Custom engineered filter & Filter housing


Fan Filter Series

We produces the head fan filter unit, which takes the domestic advance technology, suitable for 100, 000-1000 magnitude environment and obtain the highest grade of clean environment 100. It is different for different size, cleanliness level of clean room microenvironment, clean bench, clean production, the assembly type clean room and laminar covers and other applications high-tech and humanization of computer software system ,the head of 7905 up, also can design according to clients’ requirements for additional monitoring system.


Low operating cost, convenient use;
Unique low vibration, low noise;
Adjustable speed, fan;
Fan box and filter fission, easy replacement
Self-contained fan/filter module.
Speed control.
Low energy consumption reduces operating costs.
High total static pressure at full air flow
Low noise level
K Filter