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ACQUIT SERIES dust collection cartridge

(PTFE Membrane /Spun Bond Polyester)
Kilfers ACQUIT series dust collection filter cartridges are widely use Refinery, Petrochemical, Marine, Power Generation and general industrial application.

PTFE is a membrane - laminated polyester media. This media provides very high initialefficiency on sub-micron particles. With the addition of the film, almost all particles areimmediately stopped by the filter (99.9 % efficiency). PTFE membrane media provides thebest dust cake release properties PTFE is nearly chemically inert, a desirable propertywhen dealing with reactive products.
ACQUIT SERIES dust collection cartridge

Product Features

* All benefits of 100% Spun Bond
* High initial efficiencies
* Excellent oil and water resistance
* Excellent resistance to chemical erosion
* Best dust cake release
* Nearly chemically inert, good for reactive products
* Top/Bottom caps: electro galvanized plates
* Filter surface: various available
* Inner core: galvanized mesh
* Outer core: galvanized mesh / strip bands
* Gasket: urethane gasket to ensure airtight sealing
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